With the new synced version release process, we no longer have package-based migration guides, but version-based. Therefore, we removed all old migration guides. Check the old migration guide for older guidelines.

This guide should help migrating your Fela codebase to newer versions.


With Version 10, we did some major changes to all the React-like bindings.
All older APIs should still work, but will now render a deprecation warning with instructions on how to migrate. We will do a code cleanup with Version 11.

Codemods: We also have Codemods to automate the migration process. They should catch at least 80% of all usages.

Relevant Packages

  • react-fela
  • preact-fela
  • inferno-fela


Codemod | API Reference

The FelaTheme component now no longer uses the special render prop to pass a render function, but uses children instead.


Codemod | API Reference

The same goes for FelaComponent. We now use children directly rather than render. In order to pass a primitive render type, one may now use the as prop.

Instead of accepting both style and rule it now only accepts style but allows style objects, rule functions and even an array of both.


Codemod | API Reference

The old Provider component has been renamed to RendererProvider for more clarity and specificity.

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