Enhancers are similar to plugins. While plugins operate on the style object every render, enhancers enhance the renderer once.

Use Case

They are used to add, remove or modify functionality. They can also be used as a wrapper for change subscriptions e.g. for logging or metrics reasons.

Using Enhancers

To use plugins we need to add them to the renderer configuration directly. You can do this by passing a configuration object using the enhancers key while creating your renderer.

import { createRenderer } from 'fela'

const config = {
  // It must be an array to be able
  // to pass multiple enhancers
  enhancers: [ /* your enhancers */ ]

const renderer = createRenderer(config)


Lets say we want to automatically beautify the rendered CSS output. This is a common use case as it makes debugging much simpler.

There is a great package called cssbeautify, which does exactly what we try to achieve. We just have to write an enhancers that adds the beautifier to the renderToString-method

Note: Every enhancers gets the renderer passed as the only argument.

import cssbeautify from 'cssbeautify'

function beautifier(renderer) {
  const existingRenderToString = renderer.renderToString.bind(renderer)

  renderer.renderToString = () => {
    const css = existingRenderToString()
    return cssbeautify(css)

  return renderer

const config = {
  enhancers: [ beautifier ]

const renderer = createRenderer(config)

Official Enhancers

Fela already ships with a set of useful enhancers. Check out Introduction - Ecosystem for more information.

Note: Official enhancers are wrapped by a configuration function by default.

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