Injects the theme object, that is passed down using a ThemeProvider, into a component's props. It will automatically rerender the component if the theme changes. This even works if any parent component implements shouldComponentUpdate.


Argument Type Default Description
component Component A valid React component that gets enhanced.
propName string? theme An alternative name that is used to pass the theme.


const Component = ({ theme }) => (
  <div>The primary color is {theme.primary}</div>

const ComponentWithTheme = withTheme(Component)

Tips & Tricks

  • If components were accessing theme object directly via context before, this would not be possible since 6.0 release. You would have to wrap the component with withTheme Hoc and access the theme via props.

  • Another way to access theme inside a custom component would be to pass in the component to createComponent and access theme object via props.

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