As the name already suggests, keyframes are used to render CSS animation keyframes.

Keyframes are very similar to rules, in that they are also defined as functions of props and return objects, but the returned objects have a slightly different shape.

Keyframe Object

The objects returned by keyframes are called keyframe objects if they conform a special shape.
Each key in the object must be either a percentage value or the keywords from or to, which are equivalent to 0% and 100%. Those keys again need to reference objects containing all style declarations that should be animated. The nested objects have to conform to a rule's basic shape.

const keyframe = props => ({
  '0%': { color: 'black' },
  '33%': { color: props.firstColor },
  '66%': { color: props.secondColor },
  '100%': { color: 'black' }


CSS animations to be used with CSS in JS solutions

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