We decided to keep Fela as small and simple as possible. It only includes the renderer and two simple helpers. Yet it is designed to be highly extendable with both plugins and middleware. Plugins are used to process your styles, enhancers to enhance your renderer.
With this approach everyone is able to create a custom version of Fela fitting their particular needs.

Many plugins and enhancers are already included in the main repository.







  • base-styling-components - Abstract Box and Text Components
  • cf-ui - Cloudflare UI Framework
  • just-box - Create universal layouts in React and React-Native
  • kilvin - Primitive React Layout Components
  • veel - Base react styling components using fela with a design system

Starter Kits

  • catstack - A modular mad science framework for teams working on production web apps
  • dogstack - A popular-choice grab-bag framework for teams working on production web apps
  • este - Starter kit for universal full–fledged React apps build with Fela


* Packages are considered dev tools and should therefore not be used in production.

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