Explicit Component displayName

Sometimes, you need to have an explicit displayName for your components rather than the default FelaComponent for debugging, or maybe for things like storybook. Right now, there is no automatic way to do this.

Using a HoC

One way to handle this problem is by using a HoC. We recommend recompose. When you export your components, just use the HoC setDisplayName.

import { createComponent } from 'react-fela'
import { setDisplayName } from 'recompose'

const container = ({ padding }) => ({
  padding: padding + 'px',
  backgroundColor: 'rgb(124, 114, 231)',
  fontSize: '20px'

const Container = createComponent(container)

export default setDisplayName('Container')(Container)

Other solutions

Like I said ealier, there is no automatic solution to handle this case right now. But, there are possibilities with Babel plugins that might help out. The most promising one is babel-plugin-transform-react-stateless-component-name. Right now, it can't handle HoCs, but people are working on it and maybe someday we'll be able to use Babel instead.

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