Predictable Styling

Fela generates unique CSS classes for every rule.
It automatically sorts rules, pseudo classes and media queries. This prevents global namespace and specificity conflicts and ensures predictabiity.
You always get the styles you write.

Atomic CSS

Fela generates atomic CSS classes.
For every property-value pair there's a single rule which can be reused across your whole application. This limits the amount of rendered CSS and ensures reusability.
You only get the styles you actually need.


Fela is a plain JavaScript library and works without a framework our UI library.
It ships several bindings for popular tools such as React, Vue or ReasonML amongst others.
You choose the stack you want.

Huge Ecosystem

With only ~4kb minfied and gzipped, Fela is a lightweight styling toolbelt.
Yet, it ships with a huge ecosystem consisting of dozens of plugins, enhancers and third-party packages.
You choose the extensions you need.

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Companies using Fela.

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